Looking for a secure chat app that protects your communications data?

The Best Chat Program on the Market!

       ChatVUE is the most secure, commercially available chat application. The system uses a custom encryption management solution invented by TunnelVUE, Inc. This encryption management solution modifies the way existing block ciphers work, enabling a symmetric encryption key that is orders of magnitude larger than the crypto cipher would normally use.

       Additionally, ChatVUE utilizes a one-of-a-kind key management process which allows the application to communicate securely from the very first message, every time. CoreVUE uses a completely new key for every message/packet sent, increasing the strength of the security model to a degree never conceived. There is no dependency on any existing key management or crypto initiation processes, avoiding all inherent vulnerabilities from the Public Key Infrastructure and RSA encryption model.

ChatVUE - Secure Chat


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Tunnel VUE is a disruptive solutions-development company focused on delivering innovative and practical solutions to complex problems in Information Technology, Cyber, and Communications operations. We simplify and then solve complex problems, frequently making cumbersome accepted practices obsolete. We view technology through the lens of ingenuity. We protect and defend against vulnerabilities by pioneering visionary technological solutions. As explorers of the innovation age, we understand the flow of data and the risks within the darkest caverns of the web.

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